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A daily picture community for the CW hit TV show The Vampire Diaries
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This is a picture a day community for the CW television show The Vampire Diaries. This community was founded by onetruefriend. Your Maintainers and Moderators are onetruefriend, janee02 and alexia_drake. Your Maintainers/Moderators are the only ones who post pictures. Membership is moderated in an effort to keep out haters and spammers. Please feel free to comment as much as you like! If you have a community or site, please feel free to affiliate with us!

Hating on or bashing The Vampire Diaries, it's characters, actors or any other member of this community in the comments will not be tolerated. Disagreement is one thing, bashing is another. Continuous bashing will be grounds for banishment. Spamming or advertising in the comments will not be tolerated and are grounds for banishment. If there is a special picture you'd like to see in this community, Please PM a DIRECT LINK to the picture to onetruefriend, and write "TVDPICS PICTURE" in the subject line in caps!

This is a SHIP NEAUTRAL community. That means we post pictures of all ships on The Vampire Diaries. As such, the opinions of those members of opposing ships should be respected and not bashed. Once again, dissagreement and discussion is fine, bashing is over the line.

PM onetruefriend if you would like to affiliate with us. Write "TVDPICS AFFILIATE" in the subject line in caps. The same goes for running ads for a site or community. Please PM onetruefriend and write "TVDPICS AD" in caps.


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